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How long have you been vegan?

August 1, 2016 is my veg-iversary.

What are your vegan goals?

I want to encourage more people to join the vegan community through my platform. I want people to associate veganism with delicious food rather than “rabbit food”, flavourful food with complexity and elegance.

Why should you go vegan?

Now, this is not a  simple question to answer and I am going to mention some not-so-easy to hear things… In transitioning to a vegan diet I became more aware of the relationship between food, health and the environment. Every food decision you make will have consequences, it’s up to you on how motivated you are to inspire change. In regards to animal wellness, it’s important to recognize that no one wants to die and I believe that taste is not more important than another beings life. I want to build a healthy future for generations to come, the animal agriculture industry contributes to mass deforestation, climate change, species extinction and much more. Not only does a non-vegan diet effect everything that surrounds you but it also effects you, a non-vegan diet has been linked to obesity, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and more. I have vegan resources listed that delve more into these issues. However, I recognize that everyone comes from different circumstances so whether you slowly transition to veganism, one meal at a time, or jump on board immediately, I support you ❤

How can I go vegan if my parents buy all my food?

You can ask them to set aside a dish for you before putting non-vegan items into a meal for instance, if they’re making roasted vegetables and chicken then ask to have the vegetables before everything is mixed. Also, you can cook for yourself, meal prep, if this is something that you really believe in then you will find ways to make it possible. If you are looking just to reduce your non-vegan foods consumption then order vegan items when you go out. How you choose to spend your money is a vote, the demand you create as a consumer tells companies that you support what they’re doing.

How do you order in restaurants?

Unfortunately convenient vegan foods are not always easy to find. My go to is any potato dish but if they have vegetable options or a veggie burger you’re going to need to ask many questions like: is this vegan? If it isn’t, can I get the cheeseburger without the cheese and meat? Sometimes these situations can be uncomfortable but you will also be promoting demand for vegan items.

What’s your favourite vegan restaurant?

Cafe Mosaics is a vegan-vegetarian restaurant on Whyte Ave with plentiful options for delicious meals! It’s a bit pricy but definitely worth it.